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CSO Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be an AZCSN member to be accepted into the Church Safety Operations (CSO) programs?

Yes, program admission and participation requires AZCSN Gatekeeper, Shepherd, or organizational membership. Participants must be currently serving in the safety/security ministry at their house of worship or faith-based organization.

What is the cost of the Church Safety Operations certificate programs?  

There is a $10 nonrefundable, application fee at the time the initial application is submitted. There is a $25 certificate fee due at the time of achieving certificate. Annual membership and separate course fees will apply.

Do certificates expire?

Yes, certificates expire two years after the date of issue. Please see below for renewal requirements.

What are the CSO renewal requirements?

Certificates may be renewed every two years by completing the continued education requirements for the specific certificate prior to its expiration date. If a certificate holder has advanced to another certificate level, only the highest-level certificate needs to be renewed.

Can a church or faith-based organization receive the Church Safety Operations (CSO) designation?

While organizations are not eligible for the designation. Once 90% of church safety/security team members from a church or faith-based organization achieve a CSO designation the church will be awarded a certificate recognizing this team accomplishment.

How quickly can I achieve the CSO certificates?

Most people should be able to complete the program in twelve to eighteen months.

Do I have to take CPR/First Aid/AED and/or Stop-the-Bleed with AZCSN?

You do not have to take these courses through AZCSN, however evidence of current CPR/First Aid/AED and Stop-the-Bleed training is required at the time of earning the certificate. Courses completed must have involved practical hands-on experience. Online only courses will not count for the requirements.

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