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The greatest mistakes that people make in a crisis come from not knowing what steps to take and in what order to take them in a given situation. We offer over fifty different courses, taught by our professional instructors, ranging from the Biblical Basis for Church to Security, to Family Emergency Preparedness, I LIVED: Violent Intruder Response Training for Churches & Schools, and Arizona Armed Security instruction.

AZCSN members receive discounted course enrollment for courses which require a fee. Scholarships are available for those who have financial needs.

Training Courses

Biblical Basis for Preparedness &          Security (2 Hours)

Biblical Basis for Church Security (2 hours)

Biblical Basis for Leadership (4 hours)

Child Protection Level 1 (2 hours)

Child Protection Level 2 (4 hours)

Communication & Report Writing (2.5 hours)

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) & Physical Security (8 hours)

Developing Emergency Action Plans / Emergency Preparedness (8 hours) 

Domestic Violence in Ministry Contexts (2 hours)

Emergency Communications (2 hours)

Emergency First Aid Fundamentals (3 hours)

Family Emergency Preparedness (5 hours)

Fire Response & Extinguisher Use (2 hours)

I LIVED Violent Intruder Response Training for Churches & Schools  (6 hours)

Impact Weapons (4-8 hours) 

Intermediate Defensive Tactics (20 hours)

Introduction to Defensive Tactics (12 hours)

Introduction to Unarmed Security (8 hours)

Liability Concerns: Organizational & Individual (2 hours)

Mandatory Reporting in the Church (1.5 hours)

Naloxone (Narcan) Training

OC Spray / SOK Training (4 hours)

Realistic DeEscalation (6-8 hours)

Security & Medical Team Integration               (16 hours)

Sex Offenders in the Church (1.5 hours)

Situational Awareness (2.5 hours)

Stop-the-Bleed (2.5 hours)

Survival Mindset (2 hours)

Survival Stress (2 hours)

Tactical Decision Making (7-8 hours)

Threat and Risk Assessment (2 hours)

Use-of-Force (3 hours)

Use of Restraints (8 hours)

Verbal De-escalation (3 hours)

Volunteer Recruitment and Retention (3 hours)

Weapon Retention (4-6 hours)

Firearms Training Courses

Adaptive Firearms Training

Advanced Handgun (8 hours)

AZ Armed Security Guard (16 hours)

AZ Armed Security Guard Refresher (8 hours)

AZ Concealed Weapons Permit Course (4-8 hours)

Firearms Skill Development (4 hours)

Intermediate Defensive Pistol (6-7 hours) 

Intermediate Defensive Pistol: Vehicles and Parking Lots (6-7 hours)

Low-Light Handgun (4-5 hours)

Practical Pistol (6-7 hours)

Practical Carbine (6-7 hours)

Team Tactics (8 hours)

Reality Based Training Force-on-Role Player Scenarios (8-12 hours)

Reality Based Training Force-on-Force Training (12-16 hours)

Women's Introduction to Pistols

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