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The greatest mistakes that people make in a crisis come from not knowing what steps to take and in what order to take them in a given situation. We offer over thirty-five different courses, taught by our professional instructors, ranging from the Biblical Basis for Church to Security, to Family Emergency Preparedness, I LIVED Civilian Response to Active Attackers, and Arizona Armed Security instruction.

Many of our courses are offered at no cost to churches and faith based organizations. AZCSN members receive discounted course enrollment for courses which require a fee. Scholarships are available for those who have financial needs.

Training Courses

Biblical Basis for Preparedness &          Security (2 Hours)

Biblical Basis for Church Security (2 hours)

Biblical Basis for Leadership (4 hours)

Child Protection Level 1 (2 hours)

Child Protection Level 2 (4 hours)

Communication & Report Writing (2.5 hours)

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) & Physical Security (8 hours)

Developing Emergency Action Plans / Emergency Preparedness (8 hours) 

Domestic Violence in Ministry Contexts (2 hours)

Emergency Communications (2 hours)

Family Emergency Preparedness (5 hours)

Fire Response & Extinguisher Use (2 hours)

I LIVED Civilian Response to Active Attackers (6 hours)

Impact & Intermediate Weapons (8 hours)

Intermediate Defensive Tactics (20 hours)

Introduction to Defensive Tactics (12 hours)

Introduction to Unarmed Security (8 hours)

Liability Concerns: Organizational & Individual (2 hours)

Mandatory Reporting in the Church (1.5 hours)

Naloxone (Narcan) Training

Security & Medical Team Integration               (16 hours)

Sex Offenders in the Church (1.5 hours)

Situational Awareness (2.5 hours)

Stop-the-Bleed (2.5 hours)

Survival Mindset (2 hours)

Survival Stress (2 hours)

Threat and Risk Assessment (2 hours)

Use-of-Force (3 hours)

Use of Restraints (8 hours)

Verbal De-escalation (3 hours)

Volunteer Recruitment and Retention (3 hours)

Firearms Training Courses

Adaptive Firearms Training

Practical Pistol (6 hours)

Practical Carbine (6 hours)

AZ Armed Security Guard (16 hours)

AZ Armed Security Guard Refresher (8 hours)

AZ Concealed Weapons Permit Course (4-8 hours)

Intermediate Defensive Pistol (6 hours) 

Intermediate Defensive Pistol: Vehicles and Parking Lots (6 hours)

Team Tactics with Firearms (8 hours)

Advanced Handgun (8 hours)

Low-Light Handgun (4 hours)

Force-on-Target Scenarios (4-8 hours)

Force-on-Force Training (8-16 hours)

Introduction to Shotgun (8 hours)

Tactical Shotgun (8 hours)

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