DTF 2021- Offline: The Key to Successful Disarms 

If a killer sticks a gun in your face, your own pistol (if any) will have zero to do with the outcome--unless you get his firearm pointed in a safe direction first. In this class, you'll learn that getting the bad guy's gun pointed in a safe direction is not dangerous folly, it's the safest thing you can do in certain deadly circumstances. You'll practice how to "beat the click" of the striker or hammer falling, using demilitarized (inert) firearms simulators. You'll also learn positive methods for controlling his pistol, rifle, or shotgun, and important considerations for revolvers. Time permitting, we'll cover how to use the flow of doors against an attacker, and practice fundamentals of disarms. Class size is limited to the first 20 registrants.

Presented by George Hupp

George is a retired criminal investigator. He's been teaching survival skills to military, law enforcement, security, and civilians since the 1980s. George was a senior Firearms instructor, as well as a certified Use of Force and Defensive Tactics (empty hands / less lethal) instructor, for his agency. George has over 3 decades of military experience (including 13 years on active duty). In his full-time career, he was a city cop, a state park ranger, a federal special agent--and a security guard, watching the silent version of "Footloose" at the Grant 5 Drive-in theater. George is grateful to God for the blessed life he has led, and for the opportunity to share the lessons he learned along the way with you. 

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