DTF 2021- Are the Headlines Correct? Addressing Acute Mental Health Crises at your Church

The news media and politicians are often quick to blame mental illness when people commit mass shootings and other high profile violent crimes, but is that generalization valid? Churches are places of solace where people with mental illnesses may go for help. In this session we will explore several common mental disorders, how to recognize them in people you encounter, and how to safely and humanely help while keeping yourself and your congregation safe.    

Presented by John McGrath

John leads the Security/Medical ministry at New Life Bible Fellowship in Marana. He is a retired detective sergeant with the Pima County Sheriff’s Department and a retired security manager with Raytheon, where he developed and led the Behavioral Threat Assessment team. He holds masters degrees in forensic psychology and criminal justice and security administration and certifications with ASIS International (Certified Protection Professional) and the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals (Certified Threat Manager). He has presented on the subjects of threat assessment and church security at several university and state sponsored conferences.

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