DTF 2021- Principles of Ministry Protection 

Risk Management Principles and its application to the areas of Church Ministry resulting in Ministry Protection. These principles apply to all activities that protect the Church for any type of disruption. (i.e.: Slip & Fall; Facility Management; Emergency Medical Needs; Violent Events; etc.)

Presented by Michael Wright

Who is Michael D. Wright? 

I am a follower of Jesus Christ who is blessed to be a Husband, Father, Pastor and Risk Manager!

I began my insurance career in 1982in Bisbee, AZ. I immediately enjoyed learning about insurance coverages and explaining them to my clients I quickly progressed from processing policies to managing the agency and ownership by 1996. I was blessed to see exponential growth but in 1999 I decided to focus my efforts in serving the Church. I sole the agency to becomes a Ministry Protection Specialist. This means that I go beyond insurance to protection. Through the years I have obtained several certificates the help me better fulfill my role as a Risk Manager. I obtain the rigorous CIC and CISR designations and I am proud to have I obtained a certification from Cambridge University in Risk Management of Churches and Schools.

In 2001 I acquired Landmark Insurance. Landmark began as a typical insurance agency, providing quality insurance coverage to its clients. It was started by a veteran in the insurance business, Chuck Yoder. He began his career in 1966. He formed Landmark in 1986 when he realized that he needed to expand his insurance offerings to his clients.

Landmark continued to expand its services to Churches by offering training seminars. I have conducted hundreds of training seminars over the past 20 years. Most of those have been for Youth Workers, however, over the past few years many have been in helping to deal with the threats of violence and disruption. I have even had the honor of being televised on Arizona Public Media through a program called Arizona 360. They helped to spread the news about how Churches can better protect themselves from an active shooter.

In 2020 I merged with American Church Group of Arizona.I did this because I could further my focus on offering Risk Management. ACG and Brotherhood Mutual have proven to be the industry leader in protecting ministries.

I pastor the flock at Sonoita Bible Church.I was given this privilege in 2012. I find it interesting how the principles of risk management apply to my role as a pastor and how pastoring helps me be a better risk manager!

I am a citizen of God’s kingdom!The greatest thing that describes me is a follower of Jesus Christ. I met him in 1978 at while in college and He has proven to be a wonderful Lord, Savior, and friend!

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